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Umbrella Corps Game

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Review: Umbrella Corps known in Japan as Biohazard Umbrella Corps a new game from Capcom Represents a network survayvl horror shooter saturated latest strategic elements This game is a spin-offom series Resident Evil. Entering the PS4 and PC is expected June 21, 2016 (in Europe). The game was announced in 2015 at TGS during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the series.  It was originally planned to release the game in May 2016 but later postponed the release date of 21 June. 
Players will compete against each other on the battlefield swarming zombies or Ganado.  The player can choose the type of first-person or third. For the first time the dead are not just "meat" they can be set on rival squad or to use as a shield. A distinctive feature of the combat mode is a system of unarmed combat in confined spaces. The Umbrella Corps introduced the system of shelters allow you to accurately control the character and the process of sniping.  The newest system allows both accurate shooting and fire blindly.  No matter what style of play closer attack or defense with this innovative system the player chooses and prioritizes.

A choice of three character classes each of which has a certain functional.  Character equipped device that hides its presence on the infected.  But even in this case if the character is badly injured the dead will recognize his presence and to attack.
Umbrella Corps Game

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