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Way of the Samurai 3 Game

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Review: Way of the Samurai 3 - is a continuation of the popular series in Japan which will now be published in America and in Europe.  In the third part to play for a brave Ronin who left his hometown Gishu Amana.  We are waiting for clan wars intrigues unexpected plot twists dynamic battle. I would like to talk about this genre as a simulator of life many playing Sims and Fable which present a pinch of this genre.  But few people know about life simulator samurai during the feudal Japan just about this and I want to tell you.  I'm sure the fact that a very small number of gamers love this game but I think it deserves attention and that would talk about it.  If you like the TV series Shogun stories about the brave and mighty samurai then welcome and if you hate Japan and everything connected with it it is better not to read.
The game begins with the fact that we see a field strewn with corpses samurai and then there is a wounded samurai who is the main character in the game and our wards which we will pass the game.  Further the plot will develop and build on your actions the game in this plan gives great freedom of action for example in the beginning you will approach two farmers and offer assistance you can scare them away pulling a sword or agree to help and they'll take you to the village.  Also in the future you will be asked to join one of the clans and in one of them you can kill the boss and get your hands on a small army and a good fortress.  You can never go through the story and help the villagers not performing dusty work or go to the temple and learns martial arts there.  Therefore the game gives you the opportunity to make you a samurai on the basis of personal motives not for nothing that the game is called the way of the samurai and this way you will have to choose.
Way of the Samurai 3 Game

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