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Review: XIII a computer game first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Paris and released in 2003 by UbiSoft.  Published in Russian - "Akella". The plot is based on the first five parts of the eponymous comic strip XIII.
The game is made in the style of hand-drawn cartoon or comic strip with cel shading technology.  Perhaps the choice of style due to the presence of a large number of extremely violent scenes in the game so as not to shock the player's excessive naturalistic image.  For example if you shoot at the enemy from the spear arrow coming out of the back of the head.  It is possible to kill the enemy crossbow bolt to the forehead a piece of glass or a knife in the eye (in general the game is given preference cold steel).  It is evidence of the impact on developers of films of horror Dario Argento and the game Soldier of Fortune.
An innovation was the use of a shooter Hour "Picture in Picture" ( "multi-screen") especially when important events or things are displayed in magnified form.  Shouts characters portrayed in the form of inscriptions such ARRRR.  All this corresponds to the style of comics.
The plot is a spy story in the mainstream of the world conspiracy theory.  The game has a lot of black humor and parodies of genre cliches.  The protagonist wakes up on the beach Brighton Beach in Brooklyn does not remember anything about his past life.  He has only a tattoo of Roman numerals XIII and the key to the bank deposit box.  During the investigation the hero is faced with a lot of villains competing for world domination and finds his love.  But the isolation of the game does not bring solutions to all puzzles.  As soon as the plot makes a sharp turn the game breaks the words "to be continued".

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