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Youtubers Life Game

Youtubers Life Game

Review: Youtubers Life is a simulator video blogger creating content on YouTube.  Start your career you will be with the parent computer and after the first profit to buy the necessary equipment.  At the same time Youtubers Life - this game is not just about creating Video For YouTube it's also everyday life friends fun and meet new people.  Follow the desires of your subscribers create interesting videos try to constantly evolve and when you come to the popularity do not forget about his personal life and his true friends. Try to become popular!  You have to start from scratch with minimal equipment and reach the top level yutyuberov.  Gather a million?  Subscribers of course.
Initially available letspleyschik direction (the person who removes the review and passage of various games).  But also there will be other interesting trends (fashion cooking sports music etc.).

We offer a download the correct localization of the user RAINZZET (installation instructions included)
Download crack for Youtubers Life - on 23.08.2016

1. Copy the "rz.txt" file in the My Documents / U-Play online / Youtubers Life / Mods / locales
2. After this change in the Rus-RZ in the game settings.

For any questions please contact the translation RAINZZET user.

System requirements
✔ Operating system Windows XP 7 8 10
✔ Processor 2 GHz
✔ Memory 2 GB RAM
✔ Video 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce)
✔ Disk Space 3 GB
Genre Simulation Strategy
Developer U-Play Online
Platform PC
Language English
Youtubers Life Game

Youtubers Life Game

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