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Zombie Driver HD Game

Review: Zombie Driver HD Game Early in the morning getting out of bed you notice that the world has changed - the people you know turned into zombies.  You have no choice how to sit behind the wheel of your car with attachment gun and go to the familiar streets in search of the dead who dared to go out that day out of the house.  Fight your way through the streets of the ruined city and infected in order to save the few who survived and did not allow them to turn into a mindless corpses.

Zombie Driver HD Game Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world that has become a haven for the dead due to sudden chemical accident turned the entire city into ruins and its inhabitants - into bloodthirsty zombies.  For those lucky people who are lucky enough to survive and now no worries - these crazy feeling the thirst for blood and a lack of adrenaline organize deadly race through the city the winner of which will be only one and the prize - his life ... Zombie Driver HD Game Other daredevils did not burn my life for nothing  and pvtayutsya change the world trying to save as many survivors and destroy as many zombies as possible ... Everything combines extreme valiantly zombie hunter and rescuers - is the presence of the vehicle without which it can not survive in a zombie city.  And to increase the chances of survival will help chic arsenal - pistol machine gun electric guns and flamethrowers more than once saved them from the living dead.

Do not let yourself get bored playing the additional game modes Blood Race Race - a deadly race in which danger is not only competitors but also a zombie.  Endurance - Have time to get to rem.zony in time to defuse the bomb attached to the body of your car.  Eliminator - your time is limited.  Kill as many enemies and zombies.
Zombie Driver HD Game

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