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Alien vs Predator 1 Game

Alien vs Predator 1 Game

Review: Aliens versus Predator A computer game first-person shooter developed by Rebellion Developments and released for sale by Fox Interactive in 1999. The game is based in part on the film series "Alien" and "Predator."  The game tells the story of the confrontation three races - humans (Colonial Marine USCM) Alien and Predator each of which corresponds to the campaign single-player of the six unique missions (in Alien - five) interrelated videos and an additional five-based locations  another character.  Running additional levels available after passing the main campaign of the corresponding character and in an amount that depends on what level of complexity it was passed.

Alien vs Predator 1 Game In 2001 Monolith Productions has released the game Aliens versus Predator 2 and in 2010 released the SEGA Aliens versus Predator which although they develop AvP franchise but are not sequels or plot of the game nor each other.
Game engine

The Alien vs Predator 1 Game uses its own game engine developed by Rebellion Developments which has not received further spread however developers have successfully used it to implement certain functions to influence the gameplay.

One of the important
I'm a player.  There is support for dynamic lighting and surround sound - a player in a dark room can determine the position of the enemy by the sound.  Unexpected sounds behind are used to create an atmosphere of terror when playing a man promoting a better dive into the atmosphere of survival horror.  Another distinctive feature of the engine is the ability to move freely as a player and NPC-strangers on walls and ceilings which is very rarely used in video games.
Alien vs Predator 1 Game

Alien vs Predator 1 Game

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