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Aliens Colonial Marines Game

Review: Aliens Colonial Marines Game a computer game developed by Gearbox Software Studio for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The publisher of the game is the company SEGA.  Exit was originally scheduled for the end of 2008 but was postponed until 2009 reasons for the delay were not specified.  February 11 2009 the output was postponed before the other games of the universe the Alien and Predator the output of which was scheduled for 2010.  Then again the game was moved to the first spring then autumn 2012. The Aliens Colonial Marines Game was released on February 12 in digital services Steam PlayStation Network and Xbox Live as well as on conventional media.  Planned is also a version for the Wii U but in the end it was canceled 5.

The Aliens Colonial Marines Game takes place some time after the action of "Alien" films and "Alien 3". The voice acting game was attended by actors Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn voicing the same characters they played in films.  Although the plot of the game was announced as a canon in the series sometimes it does not fit with the movie.  DLC «Stasis Interrupted" half-closed spaces main campaign story which caused a strong dissonance with the films but will end up with a majority of the events alleged Canonicity fans of the series were deemed unsuccessful.
Aliens Colonial Marines Game

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