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Beyond Good And Evil Game

Beyond Good And Evil Game

Review: Beyond good and evil a video game in the genre of action-adventure developed and published by divisions Ubisoft.  Beyond Good And Evil Game In late 2003 it was released for the Gamecube platforms PC (Windows) PlayStation 2 and Xbox.  Version of the game for the Xbox 360 (XBLA) and PlayStation 3 (PSN) was released in 2011.

Photojournalist Jade the protagonist becomes a member of the rebel organization "IRIS Network" widespread throughout the universe.  She is secretly plotting to capture the photos of alien invaders in the first peaceful planet Hill.  Helping in dangerous sorties will be her guardian Pey'Dzh humanoid and Al-Two a correspondent for IRIN.  Tyrone Miller manager of public relations said that the game is so named because it "will have to decide for themselves what is good and what is - evil". 1

The Beyond Good And Evil Game takes place in 2435 2 on the planet miners Hill who suffers an attack of monsters invaders - the Duma (Russian Domz.).  Hostile creatures abduct people in the world and taken them to an unknown destination.  Elite special forces unit of the galactic - Housing Alpha - valiantly protects people from hostile aliens.  Fighters armed with the most modern weapons and equipment and all are confident that the special forces ruthlessly destroys the aliens and restore order on the hill but underground rebel organization IRIS opposing councilors questioned the credibility of Action Corps.

The main character of the game - Jade a girl of 20 years.  She lives on a small island with a lighthouse where they Uncle Pey'dzhem organized a shelter for single children whose parents have stolen the Duma.  At one point the lighthouse is not able to defend against an attack because of this in its territory penetrated Eye councilors who grabbed Jade tries to strip up her mind and at this point it is evident that with her through it tries to contact the Supreme Head of the Duma - it is constantly  repeats in her head "Shawnee!  Shawnee! ".  But Pey'Dzh time to intervene together with Jade they fight back.  From the eyes can only jewel nourishing vitality numerous hostile creatures councilors.

In one of the attacks when Jade was accompanied Pey'Dzh uncle her partner and discover together with kidnapped sent to the moon.  But Jade soon finds a missing agent recently IRIS Al-Two located in the torture chamber.  After freeing him it gets a new partner supporting Jade after the incident with Pey'Dzh. For a general uprising of the population against the Corps Alpha IRIS organizes a plan in which they have to publish pictures to prove the crime and betrayal to promote the Corps screens.  signal transmitter is on the Moon and Jade and Al-Two go there for "Beluga" a spaceship hidden in the hangar lighthouse After the closing credits should be a mini-movie that shows how to have on hand Pey'Dzha appears outgrowth parasite councilors.
Beyond Good And Evil Game

Beyond Good And Evil Game

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