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Cannon Fodder 3 Game

Cannon Fodder 3 Game

Review: Cannon Fodder 3 Game is a computer game created by Sensible Software for PC Commodore Amiga in 1993.  It combines the features of real-time strategy and action.

Game The main motto was "War has never been so fun" (eng. War has never been so much fun). Also the second part of the game was released which was much harder first.  Total on the Amiga came out 5 parts of the game Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder 2 Cannon Fodder 2 Alien Levels Cannon Fodder 2 Not Very Festive and Cannon Fodder. In 2011 he published the third part of a series that has developed (jointly with Burut CT) and released a Russian company

Cannon Fodder 3 Game Gameplay
The Cannon Fodder 3 Game is divided into a number of missions which in turn are divided into phases.  The player controlling the detachment of soldiers 1 armed with machine guns grenades and grenade launchers must destroy all enemies on the map or to blow up all the buildings to free the hostages.  Initially the player is available detachment of the two fighters - Jools and Jops.  As you progress through the missions the number of soldiers in the unit increases.  All in the game 24 missions (in the free demo version for PC - 8 missions).

The detachment can be divided into several parts and it is possible to distribute the divisions between rockets and grenades.  When one of the units of the second will automatically switch to defense shooting any approaching enemy.

Missions vary as the climate (jungle desert arctic) and duration.  In some phases there is a technique which can be activated.  Also there are different levels of traps - quicksand bog booby-stretching.  It is noteworthy that the snowman (as shown in the screen saver for the game for PC-Version) can be used as a trap in winter missions.

Cannon Fodder 3 Game versions for different platforms have some differences for example uses a different screen saver including poppy flower image in the intro version for «Sega» consoles is somewhat different than the picture on other platforms in the PC version of the passage is not a white flag in the corner  screen (in order to give up using the keyboard (Escape key)) in the version for «Sega» you need to press pause go to the control menu option soldiers or view the map.  Different organized preservation on the PC it occurs through the normal recording file under a particular name after any mission on «Sega» download the desired level takes place through a special password and in the version for the «Super Nintendo» to get the desired level you need to press  Select button.  Differently looks final saver the full PC version says that «El Presidente» defeated in the demo «The End» ( «The End") message appears and in the version for «Sega» - the inscription «Congratulations You win!»  ( "Congratulations you won!").  Slightly different sounds and the main song for the game and sometimes it does and trimmed twice (on «Sega» for example).

The names of layers contain a lot of humor and puns for example Pier Pressure (homophone English peer pressure - the pressure of the group.) Tank You Very Much ...
Cannon Fodder 3 Game

Cannon Fodder 3 Game

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