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Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy Game

Review: Disciples II Dark Prophecy a computer game in the genre of turn-based strategy with the RPG elements of the Strategy First released on January 24 2002.  The game is a sequel to the game in 1999 Disciples Sacred Lands 1 2 3 4 5.

Game process
In the game as in Disciples Sacred Lands the action takes place in a fictional fantasy world called Nevendaar also called "Sacred Earth" (English Sacred Lands.).  At the heart of the game - the four major races of the world constantly warring with each other The Empire (English The Empire people.) Mountain Clans (English Mountain Clans the dwarves.) The Legions of the Damned (English Legions of the Damned the demons.) Horde  undead (eng. undead Hordes undead).  The game provides an opportunity in any scenario or campaign select one of the four levels of difficulty one of the three types of the Lord Ruler each of which gives various bonuses and determines the class of the first leader of the hero.

Gameplay consists of three main
Better Player of the capital which gives access to new forces and opportunities.  Learning new spells.
Using the heroes leaders heads of small units for reconnaissance attack and seize territory.
the battle mode.
Save the above basic features of its predecessor the gameplay Disciples II significantly improved.
Disciples 2 Dark Prophecy Game

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