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Dragon's Lair Game

Review: Dragon's Lair a computer game originally released in the form of a slot machine company Cinematronics in 1983 1.  Automatic LaserDisc used for playing animation created by Don Bluth a former animator of Walt Disney.

Dragon's Lair Game Most of the games of that time to implement the movement of characters to use a set of sprites.  Hardware limitations did not allow artists to achieve the required resolution and smooth animation - the lack of long-term memory forced to reduce the amount of stored sprites and their sizes which led to a decrease in image quality.  Dragon's Lair Game Dragon's Lair circumvent these limitations by using the LaserDisc provides enough volume for storing graphic information 2.  slot machine success has led to the emergence of many ported versions sequels and related games as well as to release in 1984 13-episode animated series 3.
Dragon's Lair Game

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