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Freedom Force VS The 3rd Reich Game

Review: Freedom Force VS The 3rd Reich Game the Third Reich a computer game developed by Irrational Games the continuation of Freedom Force game.  It belongs to the genre of role-playing games in real-time.

Freedom Force VS The 3rd Reich Game Just like in the first game in the game Freedom Force vs.  the Third Reich the player controls a team of superheroes which now has to fight against the Nazis. Freedom Force VS The 3rd Reich Game humorously (but respectful) copies the style of "Silver Age of comic books."  In particular the visual style of the game emulates the style of Jack Kirby - one of the creators of the Marvel Universe.

Nuclear Winter steals comatose body Time Lord and uses it to steal Cuban nuclear missiles left over from the time of the Cuban missile crisis to unleash a nuclear war between the US and the USSR.  A squad of Liberty violates his plans but on returning back they will know that the story has changed - the country's "Axis" defeated in World War II.  Taking advantage of the time violation Mentor sends characters back in time to defeat the evil Blitzkrieg which is the history of the offender.  There Liberty Troop meets the heroes of the time.  During the final battle with the forces of the Blitzkrieg Alhimesa absorbs the energy of the Time Lord frees Myung-Botha from Heavenly Hours but goes insane due to the sudden expansion of its capabilities.  Thus it becomes the villain Alhimesa Entropy which threatens the very space-time.  In the end the heroes defeat the Entropy.  Turning for a brief moment in itself Alhimesa erases itself from the history that she could never be entropy but suddenly finds himself in the company of a mysterious creature - Energy X.
Freedom Force VS The 3rd Reich Game

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