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Gunpoint Game

Review: Gunpoint is a video game in the genre of stealth puzzling platformer developed by independent developer Tom Francis.  The game was released for personal computers running Windows OS 3 June 2013.  The author also promises to soon release a version for the Mac and Linux operating systems 1.  The game spread through the author's blog for $ 10 you can buy the regular version version with developer commentary and the soundtrack - for $ 20 and included $ 30 came equipped with video games and the creation of an early prototype of the game.  The game is also available in the Steam service.

The Gunpoint Game takes place in the near future.  The protagonist Richard Conway - "a spy for hire" - gets at the disposal of so-called "gipershtany" with which you can jump great distances as well as the fall from any height without any damage.  And then he gets involved in the case about the murder of one of the officers of arms company.  The spy would have to take off the charges and unravel the mysterious circumstances of the crime.

The Gunpoint Game was praised by critics but although it was nominated for the award "Best Design Work" at the Festival of Independent Games in 2012 2 and did not win any awards.
Gunpoint Game

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