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Lone Survivor Game

Review: The Lone Survivor Game is a post-apocalyptic game issued in the two-dimensional pixel art retrospective. The plot revolves around a survivor after the massive human epidemic dressed in a surgical mask. Lone Survivor Game An unknown infection has turned the whole of humanity in aggressive brainless mutants.  Lack of food and all of the growing brain fog forced the hero to seek out other survivors of his home.

Lone Survivor Game Survivor finds himself in his apartment in a large dorm shortly after mass infection.  Once he had a dream in which he tries to talk with a strange man with a cardboard box on his head.  That it does not respond and coffee drinks survivor then appears elsewhere filled mutants.  Sneaked past them he finds a girl in a blue dress.  That he too does not respond and you try to touch it disappears leaving behind a flashlight.  When the survivor turns it on there is a man in blue with laughter which awakes survivor.  Survivor unable to survive the loneliness more decides to find other people.  Examining a few dorm rooms the protagonist meets three characters who suddenly having fun by arranging a big party for him.  Among these people was his friend - Chi which is giving him his gun in exchange for a strange doll jumped from the balcony with the words "I should not judge."  The other two suddenly turned into mutants and the hero have to shoot them both.  Proborozdiv several corridors the hero manages to stumble on a strange old man in a cloak who calls himself a "mentor."  During the game he helps the main character supplies trades with them as a result they become friends.  Mentor is killed battling a huge monster at the end of the game.  Himself the protagonist is constantly bombarded vision.  He always sees a girl in a blue dress talking to her though they have long been familiar but the hero himself is not sure whether he had met her before.  In the backyard of our hostel character will meet a stranger in a black frock coat named "Blednoliky".  The mysterious type too helps the main character disappearing as suddenly as appearing.  In addition in poor mental health hero nightmares associated with a man blue clothes.  Making his way through a post-apocalyptic expanse of the universe the hero finds a psychiatric hospital which is relatively safe comes in a single open chamber there and then closes the door behind him leaving locked up.  On the nightstand next to the bed guy finds a pill take it slowly and falls asleep.  He has a dream which meets the man in a blue suit on the background of the stage and the theater begins to laugh out loud chanting of the protagonist of his own phrases.  The guy asks him to shut up but he just laughs louder and then the main character shoots him.  Despite the fatal gunshot wound the man in the blue does not die and continues to laugh.  The hero finds himself in the same injury then it begins to choke.  There is speculation that the man in the blue - dark nature of the main character ending with a hero killed himself.  Man finds himself in an unknown location (possibly in Paradise) where sitting next to the girl in the blue and then decides to stay there forever because aware that there will find a better shelter.  If the hero has a good mental health came in a psychiatric hospital he remembers the girl in the blue - a relative of his ex (girl) which used to be treated in this clinic and probably died during the apocalypse.  It is a vision of him lying on the bed Chamber to which he lay protagonist and told him that he was all right and he should continue on his way.  So the hero left the city remains alive in the real world where his only companion was the old doll Chi. 
Lone Survivor Game

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