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Mark Of The Ninja Game

Mark Of The Ninja Game

Review: Mark Of The Ninja Game a two-dimensional video game in the genre of stealth-action game developed by Klei Entertainment Canadian studio for the Xbox 360 and PC released in the services Xbox Live Arcade and Steam.  Klei Entertainment has maintained the visual style of the series Shank but has created a nearly two-dimensional adventures of Sam Fisher in a series of Splinter Cell 1.
Game process

The Mark Of The Ninja Game gameplay is based on accurate passing avoiding contact with the enemy and neutralizing traps.  The main character - Ninja - is able to hide in the ventilation sewer manholes and interior objects 2.

Mark Of The Ninja Game Main weapon a sword-ninjatō which can perform a silent killing unsuspecting victims and bamboo darts are designed to distract and destroy light sources.  Despite the presence of a deadly weapon the game is equally focused both on eliminating all security levels and the bloodless passage via distraction manipulation and sometimes even slipping past opponents.  In the process of passing bought and opened additional equipment attacker and diversionary activities.

Almost for every action (destruction or bypass the enemy hiding the body power off the traps and so on) are awarded points which you can unlock new tricks buy new equipment and improve the old.  In addition at each level is given 3 different bonus quests.  After the 3 tasks of the same type is available suit specialized for a particular style of passage.

Also at every level in the hidden places you can find artifacts that will give you a few hundred points.  Even at the present level of puzzles which are called test room.  By passing the puzzle you get 1 of 3 hidden scrolls Hisomi at a level that also gives extra points.  Basically puzzle is to pass the room avoiding the pitfalls.

After the game was called New Game Plus mode which allows you to go through the game again with preservation of accumulated improvements and increased complexity. 3
Mark Of The Ninja Game

Mark Of The Ninja Game

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