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Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game

Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game

Review: Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game of a series of quests about detektive-Nancy Drew for the company Her Interactive. The game was released for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game's plot is based on 163-th book about the adventures of Nancy Drew-"search for clues".

Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game Most of the screen takes a picture of the location in the form of first-person, you can choose actions and move between locations, and at the bottom are buttons that allow you to call a phone or a stock character. Locations can be visited in the game, turning on all 360 degrees. To move between the main locations served as city map, on which "ride" cars characters. But because of the availability of all six locations to visit such a move will soon get bored of.

Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game In addition to the usual gameplay point-and-click, the game has to solve puzzles, not bad entered in the plot. Most of them are pretty simple, but you can make puzzles by selecting the second of the two levels of difficulty at the start of the game. It will affect the number of tips that appear in the game. Change level during passage impossible. In addition, there are various mini-games, which are not necessarily.

The main difference from other games in the series is the ability to manage four different characters: Nancy, Jess, Bess, and Ned. Most of the time Nancy can not leave the police station, and the rest may not enter into it. To switch between the characters you need to call another hero and transfer him. Some actions in the game can perform only the specific character. In addition, Nancy can call his father to get the hint and assistance.

The Office is mainly mouse. Lack of hotkeys does not very user-friendly interface.

In the game there is a possibility, called "second chance": If the heroine falls into a deadly trap set by the offender, it appears "the second chance" button, which returns her to the place directly in front of the trap, thus there is no need to pass the game "since the last save.
Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game

Nancy Drew Alibi In Ashes Game

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