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Outcast Game

Outcast Game

Review: Outcast Game adventure video game developed and published by Infogrames Appeal in 1999.  Website GameSpot called the Outcast Game "the best adventure game of the year." In 2007 the US government sends a probe into a parallel universe.  Probe starts transmitting the image of the world back to Earth but after a few minutes of some alien life form damages the probe. Outcast Game This is accompanied by a powerful burst of energy which creates a black hole that represents a threat to life on Earth.  Slade Cutter (Cutter Slade) a former commando is assigned to escort three scientists in another world back probe and close the black hole.

Upon arrival into the world Cutter loses touch with the scientists and the local population is proclaimed messiah Ulyukayev (Ulukai).

Adelphi (Adelpha) - a parallel world where there is an action game.  They inhabit the world Tala - lean dark-skinned humanoids.  These technologies are at about the level of ancient China and medieval Europe although they have quite advanced energy weapons and intercontinental system of portals to suggest that before their civilization was more advanced.

Adelphia is divided into several regions separated by water.  Communication between the regions is ensured by Daokuy (Daokas) - gate allows you to instantly teleport from one region to another.

Ranzaar (Ranzaar)
"White Land" or the world of snow.  Snowy region where the camp is located Guard Dolotai (Dolotai Guardians).  Adventure Cutter starts here.
Shamazaar (Shamazaar)
Outcast Game

Outcast Game

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