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Portal 1 Game

Review: Portal 1 Game is a puzzle game in the genre of first-person developed by Valve Corporation. The game was released for the PC and Xbox 360 as part of The Orange Box October 10, 2007 year. Ported version of the Portal for the PlayStation 3 was designed by Studio EA UK and was released December 11, 2007 year.

The Portal 1 Game is distributed as part of The Orange Box as on a DVD or BD media and via the Steam digital distribution system. Global publisher box version of the compendium is the Electronic Arts Corporation. On the territory of Russia and CIS Portal extends company "Buka" in two trim levels: The Orange Box and as an independent software product.

Events Portal unfold in a universe of half-life, in nature's laboratory is the heart of computerized portal the Aperture Science Corporation. The player assumes the role of a girl named Chell, which runs tests in the laboratory. The gameplay is based on solving the puzzles by using the portable device, which lets you create on flat surfaces-two related portals gap matter, through which you can instantly move in space, or transfer objects.

Portal 1 Game has received high ratings and earned numerous awards gaming critics, including a number of titles "game of the year 2007". Around the game's plot and its involvement in the games half-life series conducted various discussion forums, and the heroes of the game and game design elements have become a popular meme network.
Portal 1 Game

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