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Pressure Game

Review: Pressure Game The story begins in the slums of New Radius where Train against the will of his grandmother runs away from home to become famous as a graffiti artist.  Its primary task - to earn a reputation as an artist in the slums of New Radius.  Pressure Game He manages to find out what is happening in New radii - the result of trying to Mayor Sung (. English Sung) elevate the city to make it look prosperous.  Sung suppress the working class depriving him of the budget directing the money into a "thriving" enterprises in the city and uses a CCK to suppress the slums and "unfavorable reputation" through violence. Pressure Game Soon Train collides with the team "Vandals of New Radius" (eng. Vandals of New Radius VaNR) led by Gabe (Eng. Gabe) which is constantly spoil his work.  Realizing that his team "Free" (eng. Still Free Crew SFC) is required to gain fame Train successfully draws on new "resistant to vandalism" trains that allows Train show graffiti all over New Radius and wins  Gabe in graffiti competition allowing both teams to make a truce.
Pressure Game

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