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Rage Game

Rage Game

Review: Rage is a computer game, a mixture of first-person shooter and racing game with RPG elements developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks in Russia jointly, is localized and published by 1 c and Www.savemgo.com. The game uses a new engine developed by id Software-id Tech 5

Gameplay Rage Game:
The game has a large selection of handguns, both classic examples of weapons from games by id Software, and a completely new and unique species characteristic of this universe. Weapons can be improved by various optional devices. In addition, some weapons are represented by different types of ammunition.

"Rage" is the in-game economy, players can spend earned in battles and races in play money. For the money you can buy new weapons, reinforced armor, etc. The player has the ability to modify (modify, produce an upgrade) their cars for racing certificates that he can win the race. ID Software said that "Rage" - their first game, in which they seek to abandon the linear corridors and follow style games BioShock and Crysis.

The Rage game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world which resembles the world shown in the films Mad Max and Mad Max 2: the road warrior, "as well as in the games Fallout and Wasteland. Impact on the racing gameplay had games such as MotorStorm and Burnout, told Shacknews site in another interview Villits.

In 2004 year discovered the asteroid Apophis, which, according to the scientists, may collide with Earth. Until 2020-ies of the Governments of the world project "Ark", which are prepared underground warehouses with stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, as well as capsules with people placed in the anabiotičeskij dream. These capsules should automatically rise to the surface several years later after a collision with an asteroid. In the year 2029 Apophis collides with Earth, destroying the entire city and country. More than 80% of the world's population dies. Starts a "nuclear winter". 6 years later, in the year 2035, the dust finally settles, and the survivors are beginning to develop ruined the world anew.
Rage Game

Rage Game

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