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Red Faction 1 Game

Review: Red Faction A computer game in the genre of first-person shooter developed by Volition Inc.  and published by THQ in 2001.  Events in Red Faction takes place on Mars at the end of the 21st century.  The protagonist - a miner named Parker becomes a participant in the uprising against the corporation Ultor.  This game is best known for the fact that it is present partially destructible environments.
The plot begins with the fact that the main character by the name of Parker gets a job in a company Ultor (Ultor) and sent to mine on Mars.  However contrary to expectations it has to live in inhuman conditions and work wear 10 hours a day under the supervision of the guards.  After a while things get even worse.  Miners start mowing unknown disease with one hundred percent fatal.  Seeing that the company does not want to deal with it the miners are beginning to rebel.  Soon under the influence of leaflets signed by some of Eos they begin to revolt. 
The main hero of the game a miner.  I went from Earth to Mars in search of a better life trying as he admits himself "find themselves."  Contrary to expectations the life on Mars is not so happy.  The miners work 10 hours a day die from the disease arose suddenly resembling plague.  One day returning to the barracks becomes an unwitting witness and accomplice of clashes between miners and guards.  After that throughout the game fighting for survival and then joined the rebels.
Red Faction 1 Game

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