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Simon The Sorcerer 2 Game

Review: Simon The Sorcerer 2 Game a series of graphic quests founded by Adventure Soft (Eng.) Russian .. The entire series is based on the adventures of the young Simon falling against his will into the magic world and tries to return to his native reality. The Simon The Sorcerer 2 Game was created in the style of fantasy and in fact is a humorous parody of the fairy folk. The game world is filled with a variety of characters known fairy tales each of which is presented in an unexpected light.In terms of style and performance of the first two games of humor is sometimes compared to a series of Monkey Island games and Discworld 1.  Support for these games carried out in ScummVM.

About Simon
Simon - a teenager of our world.  By chance he finds himself in a fantasy world dressed in wizard's robe and peaked hat (in the first game of this dress is purple but turns red in the sequels).  Simon must use their talents in logic and magic to find his way back into the real world.Sometimes Simon is quite rude to others that often complicates the task causing it unnecessary to embark on a quest to continue their adventure.

The first Simon The Sorcerer 2 Game of the series released Adventure Soft January 2 1993 under the operating system DOS and Amiga.  The action begins with the protagonist Simon an ordinary teenager.  His dog Chippy discovers a chest in the attic of his home which is a book called "An old book of spells."  Simon throws her to the floor but the portal will appear above it.  The dog jumps through the portal and Simon have to jump for it.

Simon finds himself in another world.  Having escaped from the wild trolls he learns that he will have to go in search of the wizard Calypso who stole the evil sorcerer Sordid.The game includes a parody of popular books and fairy tales including "Rapunzel" "Lord of the Rings" "The Chronicles of Narnia" "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Three goat Grub (NOK). Russian.."Simon voiced British actor Chris Barrie (Eng.) Russian .. In Russia the game is not officially published.
Simon The Sorcerer 2 Game

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