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Star Trek The Video Game

Star Trek The Video Game

Review: Star Trek is a computer game in the genre of third-person shooter created by the Canadian company Digital Extremes and released Namco Bandai Games» Japanese company in 2013.

Star Trek The Video Game Features:

Federation Starship "Enterprise" receives a distress signal from the Space Station in a binary star system.  Interference prevent teleportation so Kirk and Spock are sent to the station on space shuttle.  There they meet T'mar Spock's childhood friend who tells them that they are at the station with the help of Helios devices collected energy to terraform the planet Vulcan.  Marmot T'mar father says that at the base where there was a device that was attacked by the horns and stole Helios.  Although the device has been used for peaceful purposes it has a powerful destructive potential and carries a great threat the galaxy.
Game process

The Star Trek The Video Game is a third person shooter allowing you to also play two players in co-op for Kirk and Spock. 1  During the game at the E3 presentation Steve Sinclair called brooperativom Cooperative (Eng. Bro-op from the English. Co-op) 2.  In the single-player game during the passage of the head can not switch between the characters but the game can connect to another player thus making the game in multiplayer.

Abilities Kirk and Spock are very different.  If Captain Kirk character is more typical for the shooters the Vulcan's gameplay is built on the other accents.  For example available Spock union of minds and nervous stimulation.  Each of the characters their weapons suitable for their style of play.  Kirk is equipped with powerful phaser and Spock silent morozyaschey gun.  As you progress through the storyline the player his points are added that allow you to unlock additional features weapons.

Star Trek The Video Game Most of the foreign and domestic media gave the game a neutral or negative feedback.  So many critics wrote that the game may be of interest only to fans of the universe of "Star Trek" 9 11 12.  Ivan Cherniavsky of the Absolute Games wrote "It could be much shorter and then did not have time to get bored and visually successful moments like walking on the surface of the space station in magnetic boots would like to recount to friends more than ironic posts about bugs users glitches and  broken at the start-up co-op mode "7.  Gambling game called "militant below average" and noted that it could be implemented much better it had the makings to 8.
Star Trek The Video Game

Star Trek The Video Game

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