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Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle 2013 Game

Review: Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle 2013 Game is a computer game in the genre of economic strategy, developed by the Bulgarian Studio Haemimont Games for PC and Xbox 360 and published by German firm Kalypso Media. The game was released August 25, 2011 year.

Campaign game contains 20 missions that take place on 10 different islands. In contrast to the third part, in 4 challenging mission Tropio serially, one after another. All missions are conventionally divided into three parts.

Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle 2013 Game The protagonist of El Presidente arrives at a new island with the desire to build an ideal country. The President has consistently manages multiple Islands, each of which he develops the economy and improves the lives of the population. Advise him Tycoon Keith Preston, Director of "Frutas" (parody of "United Fruit Company") and the Generalissimo Santana, dictator-mentor El Presidente. During the management of one of the Islands, when the world is cold war, President of the United States suddenly killed. Suspicion falls on El Presidente, and have to throw the island and escape.

Finding himself under a false name on a small island, which has been ruled by mafia, El Presidente learns that he was the victim of a conspiracy involving Keith Preston, Generalissimo Santana, UN Inspector Brunhilda van Hof and rebel leader Marco Moreno (a parody of Che Guevara). Former comrades turned against El Presidente, and he decides to take revenge on him and clear his name from slander. El Presidente ruins China Preston and selects his firm WINS Marco Moreno and makes it their pawn, denies his authority over the island of Santana and freed from the influence of van Brungil′dy Hof. El Presidente's good name is cleared, and you can again start building your dream island.
Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle 2013 Game

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