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7 Days To Die Game

Review: 7 Days To Die Game a computer game in the genre of survival horror with elements of RPG developed by The Fun Pimps.  The game was released in early access on Steam December 13 2013 for Microsoft Windows operating systems and OS X. Version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was released by Telltale Publishing July 1 2016.

7 Days To Die Game Overview:

In 7 Days To Die player appears in a randomly generated site with the aim to live as long as possible.  As in the forests and wastelands and the extinct settlements walks a large number of infected and when the day passes and night comes the zombies become stronger and more aggressive.  The game has an opportunity to craft destruction and other ways to manipulate objects.  The game also has a system of physics in which the building without the support (supports columns walls etc.) can lead to the collapse or partial collapse of the building.  The game is built on the basis of voxel technology that allows the use of artificial physics for the construction and destruction of objects on smooth terrain.  The game focuses on how to give players a chance to survive day and night because it has a day and night cycle.  Day zombies slow and weak but at night they become more dangerous and fast following the name of the game each player on the seventh night comes the wave of mutants which detects it without having visual contact with him.  The game has a system through which the character needed food and water to sustain their livelihoods so the same to him constantly affected by external factors temperature disease radiation and viruses.  Objects in the game gradually eroded in the course of their use so the player will have to look for new or make them yourself during the game using the crafting system.  Currently the game is in alpha testing so it does not yet have all planned features.  The world is completely destroyed.  The player can dig a mine build your own house or destroy others in order to collect materials for example for the construction of his castle.  The game also features the ability to camouflage and distraction system to avoid collision with the zombies.  Excessive noise and wearing raw meat or products having odor with a player can bring to the zombies or infected animals and insects.  Zombies in 7 Days to Die (depending on type) can climb walls digging destroy objects or even whole buildings if necessary to get to the survivors and to kill him.  This forces the player to defend your base setting various traps and obstacles in order to reach there zombies.  After each death the player has degraded the health and endurance which need to be restored with the help of drugs or cooked food.
7 Days To Die Game

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