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Cities Skylines Game

Cities Skylines Game

Review: Cities Skylines Game is a computer game in the genre of urban simulation developed by the Finnish company Colossal Order en and published by Paradox Interactive March 10 2015.
As in most of urban genre of games in the Cities Skylines main task of the player is to build their own city.  The player is responsible for planning construction areas placement of roads taxation organizes the work of city services and public transportation.  During this the player must maintain the level of the city's budget population health happiness employment environmental pollution (air water and soil) the flow of road traffic and other factors.

Cities Skylines Game Overview:

The Cities Skylines Game begins with a piece of land in the 4 km² (2 by 2 km) a small stock of money and a set of initial planning tools.  Map is an area of ​​land with access to the sea or other water resources.  It has located the main highway and railway tracks through which the player's city will come new residents.

The player marks construction zone (residential commercial and industrial areas) organizes road building water supply and sewage systems electrified the city.  Gradually with the development of the city and the growth of the population become available new buildings (schools hospitals police and fire stations landfills) and new instruments (control of costs and revenues the creation of districts).  With the tools to create and manage areas the player can combine the city in common areas and define these areas different policies (eg support for small business or raising taxes for the population).  Industrial areas can be set different specialization (agriculture mining and so on. N.).
the game has been developed in the studio Colossal Order with the participation of 13 people 1.  The basis was taken as the graphics engine of the game Cities in Motion - a transport and economic simulation.  In fact in the game gameplay has been expanded to be able to build from the ground up buildings and roads 2.  The development of the simulator began in 2009 and was rather sluggish in part this was due to the generally skeptical regarding the future sales of the game as the gaming market was dominated by a series of SimCity games.  However sales of its latest version in 2013 turned into a complete failure which gave the green light for the project Cities Skylines 3.
 Cities Skylines Game

Cities Skylines Game

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