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Civilization V Game

Civilization V Game

Review: Sid Meier's Civilization V a computer game company Firaxis, the fifth part in a series of global turn-based strategy Civilization. The first release of the game took place on September 21, 2010 for Microsoft Windows in the United States; for Mac OS X game was released on November 23, 2010. Like other games in the series Civilization, Civilization V in the player creates and develops their civilization from ancient times to the near future.

Innovations Civilization V Game:

     Instead of a square grid card introduced hexagonal - each cell is a regular hexagon.
     Each cell of the cell can simultaneously be only one unit of the same type.
     The two-dimensional view of the strategic map on which the player can switch as desired (for example if the normal mode is slow) with normal was the stylized version of the board game.
     Some small civilization replaced by city-states though barbarian camp there.
     Captured the city can continue to exist in the empire in the form of autonomous entities called satellite cities or puppets.
     Possible remote enemy fire (this feature is present in Civilization III).
     No religious denomination and the possibility of espionage (excluding add-ons "Gods and Kings").
     Tree technology has undergone a marked reduction although moves have to spend more than in other parts of the game.
     technologies Trade replaced the opportunity to enter into a joint research agreement.
     The final quantity though inexhaustible natural resources (each field allows multiple resource units that are "consumed" units and buildings - can be used again at the death of the unit or the demolition of the building resources).
     Accidents.. Floods volcanic eruptions epidemics fires etc. - are absent (were the first Civilization and in addition to Civilization IV).
Civilization V Game

Civilization V Game

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