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Dishonored 2 Game

Dishonored 2 Game

Review: The Dishonored 2 Game is the continuation of the famous action by Arkane Studio won over a hundred awards "Game of the Year" you will find yourself once again in the role of the assassin with supernatural powers.  So make your way in a unique world combining magic mysticism and technology.  Decide who to play for the Empress Emily Kolduin or for the defense of the crown Corvo Atta.  Select the style of play hide in the shadows quietly avoiding the enemies using the whole arsenal of murderous methods or combine these two styles as you like.  Pick ability mechanisms and devices that it will allow you to easily destroy enemies.  The game reacts to your every decision and depending on your actions in each of the unique well-developed job can be a different outcome.

Dishonored 2 Game Overview:

The Dishonored 2 Game takes place fifteen years after the victory over the Lord Regent and getting rid of the dreaded rat plague.  Unusual enemy took away the throne from the empress Emily Kolduin and the dark shadow of doom hanging over the island.  Playing for Emily or Corvo you will find yourself on the legendary streets Danuolla and Karnak - once beautiful port city which will play a key role this story.  Tag Alien and your new abilities to help hunt down your enemies and take back what is yours by right.

Features of Dishonored 2 Game:

The killers
Emily Kolduin and Corvo Atta fully voiced - they react to what is happening and give his assessment of the events in the game.  Use the supernatural powers technical equipment and unique weapons that are right for your style of play you can break through the city to fight destroying anyone who gets in your way or move silently across the rooftops.  And remember you can always spare any enemy.

supernatural powers
Deep system for creating bone amulets and brand new improvements will allow to customize your powers and abilities as you want.  Become a living shadow and silently stalk their target.  Combine their enemies so that they shared a common destiny or immerse them in a trance and seize their minds.  Mix and match different capacity with different kinds of weapons decide where to join the battle and where to avoid an open conflict almost unlimited number of options the choice is only yours.

Bright Game World
Gloomy street Danuolla infested by rats flowering Coast Karnaki ... best authors Arcane Studios have created a truly memorable location.  The game world can be considered one of its full-fledged characters it has its own history its own unique look there are many amazing colorful characters.  But the main thing in it - a place where unfolds the main action for example you have to visit the devastated Dusty storms quarter and in the mansion of a madman - in the house with moving walls deadly traps and hours of computer-soldiers.

Customize the game and the difficulty level to your liking.  Change any of the available options to ease or simplify the gameplay.

The engine Void
Beauty World Dishonored 2 come to life thanks to Void Engine technology based on the graphics engine id Tech recycled programmers Arkane Studios.  Void Engine meets the highest requirements of modern electronic entertainment industry and fully exploits the power of the current generation of graphics technology enabling improved absolutely all game systems the behavior of artificial intelligence handling of light and shadow the elaboration and filling locations as well as ways of presenting the story. 
Dishonored 2 Game

Dishonored 2 Game

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