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Dragon Age Inquisition Game

Review: Dragon Age Inquisition Game is a Computer role-playing game Dragon Age sequel series in the fantasy genre which was developed by Canadian studio BioWare.  On the continuation of the project developers have announced back in late May 2011 on his page on Twitter after the end of the second part of the game.  The official announcement of September 17 2012.  The game was released in North America November 18 2014 on Xbox 360 Xbox One PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 and PC.  The release took place in Russia November 18 2014 in the digital distribution service Origin. 26  In all the retail version of the game - for the PC PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 and Xbox One - came 20th of November.  In July 2015 BioWare announced it would no longer support the version of the game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (release of patches and downloadable content) due to the low sales of the game on these platforms.

Dragon Age Inquisition Game OverView:

Dragon Age Inquisition Game Players will revive and lead the Inquisition which aims to put to eradicate evil in Thedas lands.  By the beginning of the game builds up a set of events that require investigation by the Inquisition.  War intrigue political strife have deprived earlier Thedas powerful groups to act with the same effectiveness.  This is a serious problem given the heavens open and demons pouring out.  Players will need to respond to this new threat as well as explore a vast world meet with old and new characters and gather strength for the growing of the Inquisition.
Dragon Age Inquisition Game The main hero of the game.  Race gender appearance name voice class and sexual orientation depend on the choice of the player.  For various reasons it was sent to church conclave in the Temple of the Sacred Ashes where events occurred that changed the world.  In the future to revive the ancient organization known as the "Inquisition".  In his hand he has a mysterious label bestowed upon him Shadow.  With it he can interact with the shadow and close the gaps of which Thedas flood of demons.  But how long he can not go unnoticed and it begins to hunt the one who started all this.
Dragon Age Inquisition Game

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