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Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game

Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game of 2015 based on the Dragon Ball universe.  It was released in February 2015 on the Playstation 3 Playstation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox and the One on the PC via Steam.  XenoVerse first game released on the Dragon Ball generation consoles 8.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game Overview:

The Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game is a three-dimensional fighting game in the third person with a partially destructible environments.  Soldiers can move freely over a large open space fly and swim while continuing to fight.  In the game as there are dialogs that appear when certain conditions such as obtaining a certain amount of damage.  Players can explore the world of Dragon Ball as well as a special city Toki Toki around which the plot develops.  XenoVerse third game with support for online play and co-operation the first was the Dragon Ball Online and the second was Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game The player can create their own character and improve it by distributing skill points and discovering new characteristics.  Some methods depend on race for example can become Super Sayan Sayan only while Namekiane Ice Dragons (race friezes) and people can only use simple enhancing skills;  others are known to all fans of the series such as Kamehameha and Cannon Galik available to all.

Also present parallel jobs - short mission the passage which tells some interesting stories (eg in a storyline the player joins the Piccolo and Goku in order to stop Radittsa and parallel tasks he also joins the evil Sayaninu) as well as open up different items and  improvement.  Pass jobs are not mandatory but without the player character can not be sufficiently strong that it would go further on the storyline.  After the first pass of the game the player can create a more up to 7 characters or to remove the first and in its place create a new one.  At the same time pass the game again will not have to - all the money things skills and progress except for the character level will remain with the player.
 Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game

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