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Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game

Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game

Review: Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game Football computer game developed and released by Electronic Arts Corporation January 17, 1997 year. The fifth game in the series and the second in 3D. The game was released for several platforms: SNES and Sega Mega Drive (only PAL version), Windows, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Game Boy and Nintendo 64.Tagline: "Your only goal-qualify" (your only goal is to qualify)

Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game In this part of the game were made significant changes. In particular, received a large improvement in graphical game engine, it is now possible to edit the teams and individual players using an internal game editor. The game also appeared different 16 stadiums, improved artificial intelligence and added mode "Road to World Cup, which includes all licensed national teams members of FIFA. The license was also submitted to the soundtrack, which included songs by popular artists at the time. One of the most visible and important features of the games are the teams: each team was correct elaborated composition that includes even reserve players or players have ever played in the qualifying tournament. This game was the last of the series, was released on the 16-bit consoles.

Significant improvement in graphics in Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game.

    Editor commands.
    16 different stadiums.
    Improved AI.
    A new mode of "Road to World Cup"
    Well-researched teams.
 Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game

Fifa 98 Road To World Cup Game

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