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Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Game

Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Game

Review: Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games is a video game Series from Telltale Games company in explanation. Released December 2, 2014 years. Like all other work Telltale Games, is a game in the genre of adventure, where the focus is on the election of players who often are very complex in terms of morality.The game is based precisely on the series, rather than on a series of novels, has a license from channel HBO. Tai Frenk (Ty Franck), Assistant George Martin has acted as a consultant.

The Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Game was announced on December 8, 2013 year and August 29, 2014 year appeared the first details. Twitter from the official account, Telltale Games was posted record under the hashtag

 George Martin, "Game of Thrones".In the book citation belongs to the Catilin stark, which describes bogoroŝu Vinterfella and compares it with bogoroŝej in her native Riverrane.

The third record was released on October 30 with a quote from the second book and the image of a man with skin flayed from the arms of the House of Boltonov. "The Wolf forest squids, and on the Royal route rides man with flayed skin."
    -George Martin, "a storm of swords.

In the book citation belongs to a man from the House of Liddlov, which says that železnoroždennye occupy the North, and people Boltonov is near. Giant squid, kraken, is depicted on the coat of arms of the House of Grejdžoev, a man with skin skin is a symbol of Boltonov.

A little later there was information that the game will be the five main protagonists, all of them will be from one of the noble houses. And November 11 were confirmed guesses many fans - the main characters will be representatives of the House of Forresterov.November 20, 2015 year was officially confirmed that the second season of the game is in production. Release date is still unknown.

Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Game

Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Game

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