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Garry's Mod Game

Garry's Mod Game

Review: Garry's Mod Game modification for the first-person shooter Half-Life 2. It is a physical "  sandbox " which allows the player to manipulate objects and experiment with physics which provides a realistic engine Source.  This version was created to demonstrate the vast capabilities of the Source engine which limits the freedom of the players only by their own imagination.

Garry's Mod Game Overview:

For the operation of Garry's Mod (from version 10 and up to 12) need at least one more game on the engine Source (such as Half-Life 2 Counter-Strike Source or Portal).  Objects and Half-Life 2 characters are available with the purchase of any of them as part of the main distribution of the engine Source.  Accordingly other games allow to use Garry's Mod its contents.  In Garry's Mod 13 already includes Half-Life 2 so you just need to get the game.

Initially Garry's Mod was free modification hosted and updated by the developer on its website garry.tv up to version 9.  On November 29 2006 Garry's Mod has become a paid game and distributed through Steam 1.  The game uses the Steam update system.  Updated monthly.  There is publicly available Beta-version for testing before updating the main branch of the game.

July 29 2009 officially announced reaching for Garry's Mod August 26 they were added through the next update.

In early September 2011 Harry Newman announced a major upgrade.  In the 13th global update was introduced support Workshop Steam refined menu (now it uses Awesomium Framework instead of the standard Source-menu) and a host of other changes mostly related to changes in Lua-engine capabilities.
Garry's Mod Game

Garry's Mod Game

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