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Injustice Gods Among Us Game

Injustice Gods Among Us Game

Review: Injustice Gods Among Us Game a video game in the genre of fighting game based on the fictional universe of DC Comics.  The game is developed by the studio NetherRealm Studios for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Wii U. The release took place in April of 2013.  November 12 2013 the game was also released on Microsoft Windows PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 as the Ultimate Edition.

GamePlay Injustice Gods Among Us Game:

Gameplay Injustice Gods Among Us includes fights one-on-one in a two-dimensional perspective although the characters and the background is displayed in 3D.  Each fight consists of one round;  however each player has two health bars.  To Injustice was more understandable for the players the game includes a combo consisting of a series of four buttons on the controller is also available a button to start the unique abilities of the character or superpriёma.

A variety of cards such as Lair of Batman or the Fortress of Solitude etc. are presented in an interactive environment and have several levels.  Each arena contains objects that character can interact depending on their class.  For example Batman can attach explosives to the car and blow it up but Superman can lift the same car and deliver a crushing blow to the opponent.  During the fight players fill the energy scale through various activities such as performing combos simple blow to the enemy or when the hero of the damage inflicted.  Next to the scale is the ability to display specific to the character (Batman electronic bats you can use 1 mouse 2 or 3 it depends on the number of mice available; Superman scale which at the time of making it stronger in Wonder Woman  change weapons with the whip on the shield and sword).  The energy scale is divided into four sections;  as filling scale it is possible to use different techniques flow in one way or another stored energy reinforced special moves interrupt enemy attacks as well as a means to extend the combo;  completely filled scale can be spent on carrying out superpriёma.

An additional mode is the "King of the Hill" which allows up to eight players watching the battle and fight in a queue.
Injustice Gods Among Us Game

Injustice Gods Among Us Game

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