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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game

Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game a multi-platform computer game in the genre of action-adventure developed by the studio Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertaiment and published by Electronic Arts.  The game was announced on July 10 2007 and released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 2008. The version for Microsoft Windows published 13 January 2009. Mirror's Edge runs on the Unreal Engine 3 with the addition of new lighting effects developed by Illuminate Labs in collaboration with DICE.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game Overview:

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game takes place in the city antiutopichnom not very distant future in which the means of communication are controlled by law enforcement authorities.  The only way to convey the message avoiding surveillance - use the services of Running (English runners.) Which belongs to the main character of the game Faith (English Faith -. Faith).

The gameplay is a first-person shooter but it is not sharpened for battle.  Its main element is parkurnye skills in which the player will move up the levels.  Other features of the game are a bright color palette the almost complete absence of the HUD as well as the fact that the player can see his hands legs and body of the heroine - an extreme rarity for games of this kind.

Mirror's Edge has received mostly positive reviews from critics and enthusiastic players on the network.  Praise worthy innovative games and gaming environment and the shortcomings were attributed plot and short duration.  The soundtrack was written by famous game music is electronic musician Magnus Birgerssonom (Solar Fields) the album was released separately containing remixes of the final song Still Alive performed and composed by Swedish singer Lisa Miskovski.  Side-scroller game version was released April 1 2010 on the iPad September 2 2010 on iPhone and 12 July 2012 by Windows Phone (at first only for Nokia Lumia).

June 10 2013 at the E3 2013 exhibition of the same name was announced the game Mirror's Edge which is a reset of the original.  June 8 2015 EA registered trademark Mirror's Edge Catalyst 11 the next day it was confirmed that the name of the game for the future.
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Game

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