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Mr President Game

Review: Mr President Game Can you take a bullet for the soon to be President of the United States of America?! You play as Dick "Rock-Hard" Johnson a bulletproof man the best bodyguard money can buy. He is sworn to protect the most hated presidential candidate of all time Ronald Rump.

Mr President Game In Liberal media has rigged the election and tarnished his glowing public image now they are trying to end his life. You need to leap flip fling roll and many other verbs to get in between Rump and certain death. If Rump dies Who is going to pay for your Netflix sub? How are you going to pay for your lifetime of student loans or over inflated medical bills? Where will you get the money for another dumb physics game? YOU BETTER SAVE THE MAN OR YOU DON"T GET THE MONEY! It is your American duty to protect serve and live by the mighty dollar because money is the only true sign of someone's worth.

Rock hard body destruction - Not only can you bounce bullets off of your body but you can destroy structures with just flinging yourself into them! Over 50 Assassination Attempts! - You need to overcome 50 challenging assassination attempts from a unworldly threat. Globe Trotting Adventure - Follow Rump during his presidential campaign and visit many different locations around the world. Pro Rasslin Challenges - Can you drop an elbow or headbutt on the presidential candidate? A portion of the proceeds will go to charity…. Because there are some people out there who don't want to watch the world burn.

System Requirements of Mr President Game:-

     Operating system Windows 7
     Processor 1 Ghz or faster processor
     Memory 512 MB of RAM
     Graphics 1GB VRAM
     DirectX Version 9.0
     Disk space 4 GB available space

Mr President Game

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