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NBA 2K16 Game

NBA 2K16 Game

Review: NBA 2K16 Game In addition to Curry the cover of the game will decorate the two other basketball player Kevin Durant of "Oklahoma City Thunder" and James Harden of "Houston Rockets".  The last two claim to be the MVP (most valuable player) of the current NBA season.

NBA 2K16 Game Overview:

For reservations NBA 2K16 buyers will award bonus material.  Their content will depend on the platform.  So on the Xbox 360 and PS3 users will have the items "gold" status and a basketball player with high performance.  Owning a PC and advanced set-top boxes will go to three sets with the top-level athletes to MyTeam mode.  Regardless of platform and method of purchase (on physical media or digital service) users also will give ten thousand coins (virtual currency in the game) which can be unlocked in the domestic sports equipment store.

It is also confirmed that the NBA 2K16 development participates American director Spike Lee.

In NBA 2K16 soundtrack will include 50 songs of different genres from rock and electronic music to songs from the 70s of the last century.  For convenience the song will sort into six catalogs.  The contents of the three of them will determine the guest musicians - DJ Khaled DJ Premier and DJ Mustard.  They write instrumental songs that will play only in the modes and MyPlayer MyGM.
Deluxe Edition

The game will be released not only in the standard but also a collectible set.  On the cover of the latter will be Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan).

In addition to an exclusive cover of the deluxe edition will receive a poster with the image of Jordan a set of clothes and shoes for basketball in MyPlayer mode 30 million coins (virtual currency in the game) to buy accessories in the internal store.

A special edition of NBA 2K16 will be available on physical media and in digital format.  While it is stated only for the Xbox One and PS4 information on release on PC no.  Customers who pre-order be allowed to play in the NBA 2K16 four days before the official release.
NBA 2K16 Game

NBA 2K16 Game

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