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One Piece Burning Blood Game

Review: One Piece Burning Blood Game Like a series of games Grand Battle ! "One Piece Burning Blood" - this battle 1 on 1. It will focus on the battle with the devil fruit abilities.  For example users Logia type fruit will be able to use his abilities to avoid damage but can not withstand the Will.  Also judging by the logo of the game Luffy in the game will be able to activate the Fourth Gear.

One Piece Burning Blood Game Overview:

One Piece Burning Blood Game Turning directly to the game itself I would like to note at once gorgeous graphics using the "Cell-shading" technology.  This technology is perfectly suited to the visual component and combined with all the special effects really gives a fascinating picture.  In the story of the company we will witness a fierce and large-scale war Mezhuyev pirates and patrol.  Though events and repeated events already narrated in the manga and shown in the anime though there is also a huge plus.  Developers from Spike Chunsoft allowed players to look at one of the most important moments not only on the part of Luffy and his faithful team but also by other parties to the conflict.  The combat system is almost one hundred percent accuracy repeat the judges of the J-Stars Victory VS.  Before us is a fully three-dimensional battles with a very not standard for fighting games camera - it is for the character (as in the third-person shooter and various adventure game).  However it is not static and constantly changes its position depending on the player's actions whether regular or special series of attacks reception.  It looks cool and makes the game more drive and entertainment.  Management Burning Blood may enter into a stupor novice though it is quite simple.  Personally I spent about two to three hours which would "enter" in the combat system itself.  Just want to give advice even if you are an avid fan of fighting games you should not miss in-training mode by Riley teacher.  It opens almost immediately after the passage of several chapters of the story of the company and will greatly facilitate the entry into the gameplay.  Also in the settings you can enable a simplified version of the control which will help you to automatically block the attack of the enemy or complement your series of combo attacks.  But here lies one problem when using this option very much lost sense of control over your character.
One Piece Burning Blood Game

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