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Outlast Whistleblower Game

Outlast Whistleblower Game

Review: Outlast Whistleblower Game is a cross-platform computer game in the genre of Survival horror interkvel Outlast games.  The yield supplement held May 6 2014 on the PC.  On PlayStation 4 game was released on May 6 in the US and on May 7 in Europe.  On the Xbox One game was released June 19 worldwide.

The main hero of the game Waylon Park (born Waylon Park.) - A computer specialist took a job at a corporation Merkof who witnessed the horrific experiments carried out in a psychiatric hospital in Mount Massive.  It Waylon sent an e-mail to Miles Upshur - the hero of the original game - to tell the world about it.

Outlast Whistleblower Game Overview:

The action takes place in about a day before the events of the original game and further overlaps with them.  The protagonist - Waylon Park - comes to life in a room in which there is a large screen.  Then he raised and seated on a chair in front of the screen on which different images begin to appear (as it turns out later it was morphogenetic test).  Flashback starts and shows the event in 2 hours before.

Waylon Park sits in his office and wrote an e-mail to Miles Upshur about what is happening in the hospital (the letter can be found at the beginning of the original game in Miles's car).  After sending the letter Waylon routed to an emergency call.  During the setup of the computer system the hero observes the preparation of the experiment on the patient clinics;  the patient tries desperately to escape and begs for mercy.  After manage to solve the problem Waylon hastily asked to leave the premises Laboratory.  Back in his office Waylon finds in his office Jeremy Blair - one of the most influential corporation employees.  By order of the main character Blair grabbed and start beating the disclosure of confidential information.  Thereafter Waylon Blair decides to use as a guinea in one experiment.

The action returns to the present time.  The hero looks at the psychedelic patterns flickering on the screen and screams in pain.  Suddenly the screen goes blank and detachable straps on the seat allowing Waylon stand.  The protagonist grabs the camera which is all the time to shoot it and runs out of the room.  Events unfolded resulting in Volrayderom experiment gets out of control and the consequences of which will later be observed Upshur.
Outlast Whistleblower Game

Outlast Whistleblower Game

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