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Rust Game

Review: Rust Game is a Multiplayer computer game of the new generation in the genre of survival simulator developed by the independent UK studio Facepunch 1 a previously created Garry's Mod.  Rust Game Originally developed as a copy of DayZ. Developers also inspired games Minecraft S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  For a long time the game is in alpha testing and it can be purchased on Steam for 419 rubles.

Rust Game Overview:

Rust Legacy and Rust Experimental very different graphics. Currently the game creators seek naturalistic colors and phenomena such as weather (add rain fog).  The updated version of the Experimental animal models the animals removed zombies changed health indicators in different animals changed the construction system - block halves removed added to the double doors and hatches.  Sami doors are now necessary to create a separate depending on the type of door (the door can not be improved to a higher level).  Elaborated the stability of the buildings as well as added to the rot is not only building blocks but other items such as sleeping bags and cabinets with tools.  Most items that are in the Rust Legacy also transferred to Rust Experimental but some have been removed or altered.  In the new version there are more different kinds of armor from the clothing from animal skins to the armor of the road signs.  Now the card is procedurally generated.  This means that now there is a single game card on each server.  Scale of thirst and hunger character has been changed as well as redesigned metabolism (fast running or physical work make the character go hungry).
Developers complement the gameplay by introducing new items and features.  Today the main goal of the player - to build a house that will protect it from intruders.  However to do this the player will have to go through quite a few difficulties.  The clashes with other players predatory animals cold hunger radiation - are inevitable.
Rust Game

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