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SimCity 5 Game

SimCity 5 Game

Review: SimCity 5 Game also known as the Micropolis or SimCity Classic 23 - video marked the beginning of a full-fledged urban simulation genre in the gaming industry.  The game was designed by Will Wright and released for a number of platforms mainly in 1989-1991.  SimCity is made in a two-dimensional graph an overview of the city comes from "above".  The essence of the gameplay boils down to the creation of the city the development of residential and industrial zones construction of infrastructure and the collection of taxes for the further development of the city.  In the game as in the real world it is important to raise the level of living of the population and to maintain a balance between different sectors otherwise the locality can come into disrepair and even go bankrupt.

SimCity 5 Game Overview:

SimCity 5 Game Despite the fact that the release of the game took place in 1989 the simulator has been independently developed by Will Wright in 1985 when he was just beginning his career as an indie developer that is even before the formation of Maxis studio.  However within four years of game publishers refused to release the project because of the fear of failure in sales as in the game there were no elements of arcade and action that prevailed in the market of computer games in the 1980s.  In the end agreed to distribute games Brøderbund company.  Although initially SimCity sold poorly but after the positive reviews from the gaming press simulator sales rose.  Having received the status of a "bestseller" simulator was released on many other platforms the most popular of which was the version for the SNES game console published in 1991 in which the gameplay has been greatly improved with the complicity of Nintendo.

Urban simulation was recognized as a new phenomenon in the gaming industry and according to the press broke among many PC users the belief that computer games are designed primarily for children.  SimCity has received 24 awards from various news publishers and associations.  Critics mostly commended on of SimCity calling it innovative gameplay to the 1980s but the game itself is very addictive despite the fact that it lacks the elements of shooter and platformer.  Also according to the reviewers the game is very instructive and will help the player understand the basics of urbanism politics and economics.

SimCity 5 Game After the release has sold 300000 copies of SimCity for computers and nearly 2 million copies of the game for the game console SNES.  The success of the game marked the beginning of the line of games - urban simulation and traditions Maxis studio to produce nonlinear simulation game one of which - The Sims - surpassed all his predecessors in popularity becoming the best-selling franchise in the history of computer games.
SimCity 5 Game

SimCity 5 Game

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