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State of Decay Game

State of Decay Game

Review: State of Decay Game a computer game in Survival-horror genre of open-world developed by the studio Undead Labs.  State of Decay Game player is invited to take control of a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse and ensure their safety including engaging in search of supplies resettlement camp and move the world surrounded by a multitude of aggressive zombies.  The game was released on Xbox 360 June 5 2013 2 and a version for Microsoft Windows 5 November 2013.

State of Decay Game Overview:

In 2009 simultaneously with the formation of the studio Undead Labs its founders announced that they will be engaged in developing MMO for consoles dedicated to survival during a zombie apocalypse. 3  However in February 2011 when the studio developed the game was announced under the name Class3 developers have reported that the game will be stand-alone 4 and created exclusively for the service Xbox Live 5.  In August 2012 there was a re-announcement of the game now called State of Decay;  it was announced that the game will be released not only in the network Xbox Live but also for the PC 6.

In contrast to the Left 4 Dead and Dead Island State of Decay pays more attention to the survival stealth player resource provisioning and promotion of the game world.  The game will be fully open to the world of research dynamically changing depending on the decisions made by the player. 7  The player is given to survey the world of 16 square kilometers. 8

The player and the bots will be provided a place where they can settle down and build turrets to protect against infected hospitals for treatment of the wounded a kitchen for cooking better food shop gym garden or library.  Food water weapons shelter and ammunition - everything you need to survive.  To get all this the player must scour the shops and abandoned buildings.  You can also find a group of other survivors they sell their resources or buy them.  Samih survivors can be found in the county near the shops and various buildings in the performance of tasks or with the help of radio talks.

The game is unique in that players will not play one character but a group of survivors who reside in the camp.  Players can team up with other survivors and invite them into your camp or just have a good relationship with the other groups helping to exchange resources or the performance of the assigned tasks for their survival in a particular area.  Each character can be specialized (chef technician farmer) the positive qualities (athlete good shooter intellectual) or negative (lame knee dullness asthma alcoholism).  One game lasts 200 hours of real time.

Undead Labs in January 2013 confirmed that the game State of Decay will not work on the PlayStation 3. November 29 2013 for the game came first expansion titled Breakdown.  Supplement added to the game sandbox and the opportunity to play with a weak plot. May 30 2014 published the second expansion of the game called the Lifeline add the possibility of playing for a detachment of soldiers sent to the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse to evacuate the scientists figure out how to stop the contagion.  In addition added a brand new map vehicles and storyline.
State of Decay Game

State of Decay Game

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