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Stranded Deep Game

Review: Stranded Deep Game 3D computer-game of first-person survival simulator on a desert island.  The game is free is available in English German and Russian versions.  C March 12 2008 to date version of the second part of the game is Gold number. 1  The source code of the game (based on Blitz BASIC engine) open.
The game is in the name of the character shipwrecked and washed up on a desert island.  The character has a parameter hunger thirst and fatigue which are gradually growing and when the threshold is exceeded affect the level of health.  Hunger is necessary to quench the successful results of hunting fishing gathering or agriculture hunger - from drinking water sources.  For the rest you need to sleep.  For successful hunting and fishing need to find or create a fishing rod from scrap materials and weapons.
The game world has a very high degree of interactivity.  In one form or another can interact with almost all objects.  In particular the player can swim and dive cut down trees to plant to extract from rocks stone iron and gold;  kill any living creature (for meat and / or different components) dig fishing picking mushrooms berries and fruits to build facilities.
During the game you can combine the materials at hand and build tools instruments and facilities.  Materials can be collected extracted from plants or game.  For example the bark for kindling fire branches leaves can be extracted from trees.  Among the birds you can get but meat feathers.  The animals - the skins.  Most combinations consist of two or three items but there are exceptions - for example to create a crossbow requires a combination of five subjects.  The number of possible combinations is quite large (more than fifty). 
Stranded Deep Game

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