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Subnautica Game

Review: Subnautica Game Play sandbox open world created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.  The main feature of the game - all the action takes place in the alien ocean where your space ship fell through the story.  He survived only one person - the player.  He's got a rescue capsule which can be crafting food water and other items.  He has nothing and everything will have to produce yourself. The game is a friendly world there is a particularly aggressive and pesky monsters.  There are simply dangerous underwater creatures to which it is better not to approach.  Night on the planet is short and passes quickly.  Monsters do not become more dangerous at night its only flaw - just getting dark.

Subnautica Game Overview:

Despite the early access and an official in the state of the alpha version Subnautica different quality graphics low number of bugs and the great design of the underwater world.  Even animation water flowing on the mask during the ascent to the surface or the entrance to the submarine bathyscaphe - made very nicely. Support developers take Subnautica on Steam now.  Even at an early stage in the access it is already possible to build an underwater boat Seamoth and large submarine Cyclops.  Bugs are very few and the underwater world is beautiful and fantastic like a dream of Salvador Dali.

Of particular note sound effects and background soundtrack which can be compared with the best electronic music.  Swimming in Subnautica even with your eyes closed you feel yourself in the alien ocean.
Subnautica Game

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