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Total War Rome 2 Game

Total War Rome 2 Game

Review: Total War Rome 2 Game is a computer strategy game developed by the British company Creative Assembly.  Officially announced on 4 July 2012 1.  The eighth game in the Total War series the sequel and the remake came out in 2004 the game Rome Total War.  The release of the game took place on September 3 2013 2.  Minimum system requirements are the same as in Total War Shogun 2 2.

Features and differences of Total War Rome 2 Game from the previous parts:

Total War Rome 2 Game According to the developers the series Total War returns to scale and the abundance of crops in the game world unlike Total War Shogun 2 and amendments to it - in this game Creative Assembly presented in detail only the terrain and culture of Japan.
     Significantly modified engine Warscape - Warscape.
     A major role in politics play a personal intrigues of rulers.
     The map was seriously increased and expanded to the East.  Map 183 seats in the region. 3
     Land sea battles and sieges are combined in a battle with several stages of battle (the battle between ships amphibious landing the siege of the fortress).
     The new "regional system".  The province consists of several areas.  At the same time you manage not just the whole province and will have to capture all areas.
     Several new types of cameras.
     Interaction of the army and navy including the landing.
     Now in the city instead of just one square a few control points.
     Improved AI.
     Before going on the attack of the wall or face the enemy unit they turn the commanders to subordinates and cheer their cries.  It is better to see these small details makes a special camera showing the course of the battle on behalf of the individual soldiers.
     A serious increase in the number of units.
     Each legion in the game is special and different from other groups and form their own unique features. 2
Total War Rome 2 Game

Total War Rome 2 Game

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