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Watch Dogs 2 Game

Watch Dogs 2 Game

Review: Watch Dogs 2 Game Free is a multi-platform computer game in the genre action adventure open world released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Platforms November 15 2016.  On the PC game will be released November 29 2016.  Sequel Games of 2014 Watch Dogs which continues the storyline idea predecessor - hacking and hacker activity in a large open study for the gaming world.

Overview Watch Dogs 2 Game:

Watch Dogs 2 was first introduced in the debut trailer 8 June 2016 1 where he was shown the new setting of the game and updated atmosphere - sunny San Francisco Valley which replaced the grim Chicago from the first part.  Then in a separate trailer he was presented a new main character - a hacker group DedSec Marcus Holloway.  At E3 2016 exhibition was shown gameplay video game with developer commentary.
About the start of work on the second part of the game Watch Dogs was known almost immediately after the release of the first Watch Dogs.  The head of Ubisoft Yves Gilma strongly hinted that the studio to seriously think about the continuation of the hacker thriller.  It is inevitable sequel were also very high sales of the first part 3.
In April 2015 the online summary of the main programmer gameplay Watch Dogs Julien Risse was seen references to the sequel of the game.  First Risse has worked on the plot in addition to Watch Dogs - Bad Blood.  Also the launch of "a lot of work on our mistakes" said the original game Ubisoft creative director Jonathan Morin.
In an interview with CVG Vice President of Ubisoft - Lionel Raynaud (Lionel Raynaud) said that the best ideas are waiting for the players to continue the sensational Watch Dogs.
During the year the development of the game was known to very few while in April 2016 the actor's Court King in his Instagram «thekingcort» not published a post with an attached photo of probable protagonist of the game where it was reported that the actor "was written" motion capture for the protagonist of the new video game  6.
The subject of discussion in the media game then became a new hero an unknown black hacker who replaced Aiden Pearce a hero of the original Watch Dogs.  The photograph's character model in glasses a baseball cap and a bandana covering the lower part of his face holding a gun in one hand and a smartphone Profiler - in another. 7  Then Ubisoft representatives declined to comment.

More From Watch Dogs 2 Game:

Less than a week before the start of E3 2016 in Los Angeles Online Ubisoft and the official YouTube channel appeared debut trailer for the game 8 demonstrated a new setting (alternative San Francisco) and some of the characters among which was seen declared protagonist  games - Marcus Holloway.  We also learned that Marcus - member of the hacker community youth DedSec which fights for the rights of citizens to privacy and freedom of information and not always legal means.
Watch Dogs 2 Game

Watch Dogs 2 Game

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