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We Happy Few Game

We Happy Few Game

Review: We Happy Few Game under development adventure computer game a psychological thriller with elements of survival and simulation roguelike developed by the independent Canadian studio Compulsion Games.  Out preliminary version of the game in Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview took place July 26 2016.  The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4 1.

The We Happy Few Game takes place in a fictional anti-utopian Wellington Wells where it is forbidden to be sad all citizens are obliged to take pills called "Joy."  Under the direction of the player is Arthur Hastings a clerk who works "editor" - government censors in the spirit of the "Ministry of Truth" obliged to cut the unhappy history of the newspaper and documents.  Faced with the workers to the article about her brother the hero ceases to take "Joy."  He soon discovers that the real world is very different from the illusion in which he used to be.

Characters in We Happy Few Game:

The alpha version of the game Arthur Hastings - the only playable character although two more are planned after the full release of the game.  Also all their stories are intertwined with each Arthur Hastings - newsstand clerk who is working on editing the "accidents" of articles from old newspapers exposing them to censorship.  During the last work 9 October found among the working materials an article about her brother painful memories to make a hero to throw a bottle of "joy".  When the action "Joy" is held a hero colleagues realize that he was "nerd" and pursue him forcing to flee to the dungeon.
Uncle Jack (Julian Casey) - a mysterious figure that calms residents of the city with children black and white TV show filmed at an undisclosed location which is transmitted for the most part of the city.  His shows often talk about anything bad like malaria is not so bad in fact it is.  His program is broadcast not only on the radio and home TVs but even on the TV set in the street (designed as a CCTV camera in the style of the TV screen "1984") through many streets.  Character pre-recorded and shown via video.
We Happy Few Game

We Happy Few Game

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