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Army Ranger Mogadishu Game

Army Ranger Mogadishu Game

Review: Army Ranger Mogadishu Game A historical war drama based on the true story of the battle in Mogadishu (1993).  Shot on the eponymous book by Mark Bowden (1999).

Plot of Army Ranger Mogadishu Game:

The film is set 3 and 4 October 1993 in Somalia where there is a civil war and people are dying en masse.  Charges of genocide of their own people fall on Somali warlords who prevent US humanitarian assistance to civilians.

More From Army Ranger Mogadishu Game:

The UN peacekeeping force has been unable to cope with the situation.  Therefore the American contingent commanders in Somalia develops a plan lightning operation during which about 200 US military personnel as part of Task Force «Ranger» (Task Force "Ranger") (75th Ranger Regiment - a company of the 3rd Battalion 160th  special operations Aviation regiment "Delta") based on the outskirts of Mogadishu should go to the area of ​​the city controlled by the forces of Mohamed Farrah Aidid.  The purpose of the event - to capture Aidid's key supporters gathered for a meeting in the city and deliver them to the base.  Successfully launched the operation turns into a fight lasting almost two hours and shot down helicopters.

Further development of the events of the film - it is an ongoing battle that killed 19 Americans and more than a thousand Somalis.
Army Ranger Mogadishu Game

Army Ranger Mogadishu Game

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