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BeamNG Drive Game

BeamNG Drive Game

Review: BeamNG Drive Game is a computer game in the genre of car simulator which is developed and published by BeamNG for the Windows platform.  It uses the unique physics of soft bodies.  It is an ideological continuation of a series of games and Insane Rigs of Rods.

BeamNG Drive Game Design:

At the end of May 2012 BeamNG released a video on his YouTube-Channel called Revolutionary soft-body physics in «CryEngine3» 1.  Originally used rendernyh game engine CryEngine3 but because of the abundance of bugs game was moved to the engine Torque 3D 2. uses the Lua programming language and uses the data packets through the network Lua system while the game is running in order to complete the complex equations of physics in the game.

BeamNG created a website in August 2012 to publish to news about the development of the simulator.  Also a public forum and a blog has been added to the developer. The game has been posted to a public vote in Steam Greenlight 12 February 2014 3.  After only 8 days the game has received the green light.  The news of this has been published on the website of the developers. From September 2014 to February 2015 developers have added public experimental version of the game in which recent advances were collected.  Steam Early Access Update was officially added to Steam in early access mode May 29 2015.

BeamNG Drive Game Gameplay: now is not the time no goals in the game though after an early access to Steam ( have been added to the script in which the player had to pass through checkpoints.  The player can control and break a lot of cars on several standard cards.  The game implements a soft-body physics to control vehicle dynamics as well as to control collisions and vehicles 4 which is a realistic accurate destroyed and "stringy" 5 6 7.
Physics based on real-time physics structural soft body simulation for vehicles that are in the game are composed of a soft body node beam structure like the structure of the vehicle in the Rigs of Rods.  The physics engine simulates a network of interconnected nodes and beams which form an invisible car frame with realistic weight and mass.  From the point of view of physics of soft bodies vehicles actually bend or warp as a skeleton such as the use of collision consequences.  The engine constantly calculates the physical equations and tasks in real time during the game.
critics Reviews received high critical acclaim.  Article BBC Autos author wrote "To BeamNG show interest in film to simulate tricks on vehicles since they can be tested thoroughly but cheap - before the stunt car will break which is sitting".
BeamNG Drive Game

BeamNG Drive Game

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