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Farmington Tales Game

Farmington Tales Game

Review: Farmington Tales Game The company was founded in 1989 and began its work in 1990.  Originally headquartered in Southport but then moved to the town of Knutsford Cheshire.

The first game developed by became of Leander more known as the The Legend of Galahad.  She also co-developed by another company under the name Psygnosis later renamed SCE Studio Liverpool.  She applied the three-dimensional effects which allows the game to give a certain realism.

Farmington Tales Game Overview:

Two years later the company has developed games Bram Stoker's Dracula and Puggsy.  And thanks to an agreement between SCE Studio Liverpool and Disney have developed games based on cartoons Mickey Mania The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Disney's Toy Story Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue and Disney / Pixar's Finding Nemo (the last two games  They were released thanks to the efforts of Activision and THQ companies).

More From Farmington Tales Game:

In the mid-1990s the company has worked closely with the Japanese company Sega.  Thanks to the joint efforts of divisions Sega Sonic Team and Traveller's Tales two games have been developed Sonic 3D for Sega Mega Drive and Sonic R racing for the Sega Saturn.  Both games have been developed with the use of high technology which had extensive experience in the development of other games such as Puggsy Mickey Mania and Toy Story.

Since 1999 the company exclusively develops games based on movies or multfimov.  Game Lego Star Wars The Video Game has brought fame and big profits of the company.  It is also worth noting that the company has developed a series of franchises Crash Bandicoot and The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Super Monkey Ball Adventure Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy WRC and F1 for the PSP.

in 2005 the company was renamed TT GamesNovember 8 2007 the company bought Time Warner.To date the company has sold more than 60 million copies of the game for which the company won a BAFTA.
Farmington Tales Game

Farmington Tales Game

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